The Alabama Supreme Court tossed out a jury’s award in a wrongful death case against Baptist Health, overturning the jury’s $3.2 million award. The justices ruled in a 4-3 decision that government immunity should be extended to Baptist Health based on its relationship with state universities.

Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb, as one of the dissenting justices wrote that this decision essentially implies that Baptist Health “is no longer legally responsible for the harm that may be caused by its negligence in providing health care to the citizens of this state.” This decision sets a precedent that could shield all Alabama hospitals from being sued.

I would like to trust that my health providers are being held to the highest standards. Now it appears that the Alabama court system may not offer any guarantees, nor restitution of any kind, in cases of medical negligence. A jury decision means nothing.

So what do we do now, drive over the border into Mississippi or Georgia, or Tennessee for our medical care? We should all appeal to our new governor that while he is reviewing the ethics of our political system, we need him to fight to return ethics to our medical system as well.