Fox 5 news has learned the investigation into how Chris Lighty died is now  ramping up because his heartbroken mother is looking to file a wrongful death  lawsuit against whoever may have been responsible.

The lead investigator, Les Levine, told Fox 5 exclusively what the ultimate goal is, “I guess it comes down to the bottom question: Do I believe Chris would kill  himself?’ The answer is no,” Levine said.

Levine was hired by Lighty’s mother, who was given money for the effort by  her son’s long time business associate, 50 Cent. In an exclusive interview, 50  Cent told me he was moved by her grief.

The New York City Medical Examiner ruled that the 44- year-old hip hop power  broker died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his Riverdale home in  August.

One suicide theory was that Chris had overwhelming financial problems. 50  Cent discounted that and told me they had just agreed to a tour deal that would  have netted him about $ 4 million. Levine said there is no possibility Lighty killed himself over money.

Another suicide theory that Levine is discounting is that Lighty was in  despair over marital problems. Sources said Lighty had a stormy but close  relationship with his wife, Veronica.

Police sources said she was in the home when he shot himself. Other sources said she had filed and then withdrawn a divorce request in 2011.