GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — The ex-husband of a woman accused of killing her daughter-in-law said his ex once held a gun to his head.

Joanna Hayes is on trial on a murder charge in the death of 25-year-old Heather Strube. Prosecutors said Hayes dressed up in a wig and fake mustache and shot Strube in front of her then-18-month-old son at a Snellville Target parking lot two years ago. Strube was involved in a divorce and custody battle with Hayes’ son.

Hayes and her ex-husband, Jerry Strube Sr., appeared in court Tuesday morning for a hearing to discuss another encounter, to determine whether those events are relevant to the central trial. Channel 2’s Jeff Dore went to the hearing, where Strube accused Hayes of pointing a gun at him.

“She pulled the handgun out of the case, and she put it to my head,” Strube said.

He pointed to the middle of his forehead, motioning where he said the gun was directed.

Strube said he and Hayes were at a cabin in Meriwether County when an argument broke out. He said she held the gun at his head for several seconds before pulling away.

“That pretty much ended the argument,” Strube said.

The couple separated a few days after that trip. Defense attorneys asked if he left Hayes for her sister. Strube clarified that he and Hayes’ sister are now married, but the relationships did not overlap.