Lawyers and the family of Delvonte Tisdale are disappointed in a judge’s decision that could finally put an end to a case that tried to raise major questions about airport security.

“I just felt like it was premature. We filed this lawsuit to get answers, but we’ve never had them and these answers are important to national security,” said Chris Chestnut, the attorney for Tisdale’s family.

Eyewitness News first reported in 2010 that Tisdale’s body was found near a Boston airport.

Detectives believe the 16-year-old hid in the wheel well of a US Airways plane that flew out of Charlotte-Douglas, and his body fell out when the pilot let down the landing gear.

“They’re blaming Tisdale for his own death and no one knows how he got on the plane,” Chestnut said.

Tisdale’s family raised questions about how a teenager was able to sneak past security and get into that wheel well.

His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Charlotte, which runs the airport, and against US Airways.

A judge threw out the suits Wednesday.

The attorney for Tisdale’s family said that still leaves unanswered questions about airport security.

“The citizens of Charlotte, the air travelers that are coming through Charlotte and the citizens of America deserve answers. Our safety depends on it,” Chestnut said.