ROSWELL, Ga. — A man was arrested after SWAT team members and hostage negotiators spent hours trying to free hostages during a standoff in Roswell, police said.

The incident was sparked by a home invasion called in shortly after 10 p.m. Monday, Roswell police said. They said two men kicked their way into a unit at the Aspen Pointe apartments on Gran Crique Drive in Roswell.

When Roswell police arrived, the men inside the apartment started shooting at officers, police said.

“There were shots fired, at least two shots fired from inside the apartment at the officers who had them circled,” Roswell police Lt. James McGee told Channel 2’s Darryn Moore.

Officers surrounded the men, but they escaped by breaking through a wall into an adjacent apartment, McGee said. He said the gunmen grabbed several hostages as they moved through apartments.

“We have a total of three hostages, two females and a male, in the last apartment that they are in,” McGee said.

Neighbor Jeremy Powell, who lives 20 feet away from the action, said he could hear officers trying to talk the suspects down with a loud speaker.

“They said, ‘We’re done playing games. You need to come out now,'” Powell said.

Powell said he and his wife dodged the chaos just in time.

“A cop banged on our door and told us to get dressed right now and get out,” Powell said.

Police said a female hostage escaped an apartment unharmed around 8:45 a.m. Shortly after, police went inside and apprehended suspect Tyler Grogan.