Earlier this month, a St Paul man was hit as he was walking along an Interstate 80 exit ramp near Shelby, Iowa. He died on Friday. The car drove away from the scene.

Initial reports from the Iowa State Patrol are that the man suffered a crushed pelvis and severe head injuries that caused the death.

Our sorrow goes out to the man’s family and friends.

Families of wrongful death and personal injury victims should seek immediate help and counseling to deal with the shock of loss. It’s also wise to promptly seek advice from an attorney, however difficult that is at such an emotional time. There are additional issues when a collision involves individuals from multiple states. The Injuryboard has lawyers across the country. In Iowa we have worked with Steve Lombardi.

A lawyer can take some of the burden off the family by helping assure all avenues are addressed. My partner, Joe Crumley’s previously addressed the topic with, Legal Advice after a Wrongful Death, which has valuable advice to address both the legal and emotional aspects following such a tragedy. I was interviewed on the same topic.

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