Bodies Found in Derailment Debris

Flattened vehicle was found beneath rubble during first full day of cleanup. Jeff Goldblatt reports.


Freight Train Derails, Bridge Collapses

A freight train jumped the tracks near Willow Road and Shermer Avenue on the Glenview, Northbrook border. A bridge collapsed under the train, creating a boom so loud, neighbors said it sounded like an explosion.


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A judge has ordered all clean-up halted at the site where a train derailed Wednesday in Glenview after a couple was found dead buried beneath the rubble.
Two people discovered inside a car beneath debris from the derailment were identified as Burton Lindner, 69 and wife Zorine Lindner, 70.
The couple lived a block away from the site of the derailment, which spilled thousands of tons of coal from the train. Their car and bodies were discovered Thursday morning while crews cleaned up wreckage from the derailment.
Lindner was the founding and senior partner for his firm, Lindner & Lindner, in the northern suburb and had been practicing law since 1970.
“Bert and Zorine were just two fantastic people, well-loved by everyone,” said attorney Michael LaMonica. “They traveled together. They volunteered together. They were super close with their family.”
Attorneys for the couple filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Union Pacific on behalf of the Lindner family and estate and requested cleanup work be stopped.
The Cook County judge injunction ends at 11 p.m. Saturday night. Until then all activity must cease within 400 feet of site, which means no cleanup and no trains.
“This exact same spot was the site of a train derailment a mere three years ago,”┬áLaMonica said. “So Union Pacific knew about this spot, they were supposed to have done [...]