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Miss. SC: City police immune from wrongful death suit – Legal News Line

Miss. SC: City police immune from wrongful death suitBY JESSICA M. KARMASEKJACKSON, Miss. (Legal Newsline) – The Mississippi Supreme Court ruled last week that Jackson police officers did not act with “reckless disregard” of a woman’s safety in a wrongful death suit filed by her family.In its July 26 opinion, the Court reversed a decision by the Hinds County Circuit Court.In September 2007, Jackson police officers were dispatched to the home of Doris Shavers on Ludlow Avenue, in response to calls that an armed man was making threats toward a minor on a bicycle. The “armed man” was Henry Phillips, who was living with Shavers at the time.When officers arrived, Phillips was in possession of a .25-caliber weapon with a silver and brown handle. Officers left the scene, but returned shortly after to take the weapon from Phillips.While one officer was with Phillips retrieving the gun, another officer talked with Shavers. There was no indication that Shavers was afraid of Phillips or that she wanted Phillips removed from her house.With Phillips’ help, the officers found the .25-caliber weapon in a nearby field and confiscated it. Shavers then went to her mother’s home, also on Ludlow Avenue. When police left the scene, they took with them the gun they confiscated from Phillips.Less than 10 minutes later, officers were dispatched back to Ludlow Avenue on a reported shooting. Phillips, using a different gun, shot and killed Shavers in her home.Phillips pleaded guilty to murdering Shavers and is currently serving a life sentence.In June 2008, Shalandria Shavers, individually and on behalf of Doris Shavers’ beneficiaries and heirs, sued the city of Jackson, the Jackson Police Department, Henry Phillips and eight unnamed individuals for the woman’s wrongful death.The [...]

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Romney Profits From Health Company Facing Wrongful Death Suit

Even amid the media firestorm over Mitt Romney, his tax returns and his involvement in the predatory tactics of Bain Capital, there’s been less attention paid to how he continues to profit from Bain Capital investments that carry out his legacy: maximizing profits and revenues without too much regard for the human consequences.

A new article in Salon I’ve written looks at a Bain-owned health care company, CRC Health Group, with a legacy of abuse, neglect and wrongful death allegations involving its addiction and teen treatment programs. Mitt Romney has profited from this company — through his Bain Capital VIII funds registered in the Caymans. He also retains as a top fundraiser former Ambassador Mel Sembler, the finance co-chair in Florida, who has been enmeshed in controversies for decades because of his founding of his allegedly abusive teen treatment chain, Straight, Inc., shut down by the 1990s after numerous lawsuits, state actions to close sites, some criminal prosecutions, and leaving a legacy of damaged survivors.

Today, I’m scheduled to talk briefly about the article at 2:30 p.m, ET, on the Ed Schultz radio show, online and local outlets listed at The show is guest hosted by the “Ring of Fire” show’s co-host, attorney Mike Papantonio.

The article, “Dark Side of a Bain Success,” also found an alleged culture of what appears to be systemic abuse and neglect at the Bain-owned centers — despite six apparent wrongful deaths that took place after Bain Capital took over CRC in 2006, with no such seemingly preventable deaths occurring before. The Salon article builds on previous reporting by Time Magazine’s Maia Szalavitz, who broke the story in 2009 that the now-closed Mount Bachelor Academy encouraged lap dances as [...]

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