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Lukus Glenn wrongful death trial jury returns $2.5 million verdict: Washington … –

The OregonianHigh school football action begins tonight throughout Washington County and across the state.

Jurors decided Thursday that Washington County sheriff’s deputies violated the Fourth Amendment rights of 18-year-old Lukus Glenn when they fatally shot him in 2006. The unanimous verdict also faulted retired Sheriff Rob Gordon, who approved of the shooting after an administrative review.
The teen’s parents, Hope and Brad Glenn, first brought the wrongful death lawsuit against the county and its deputies, Mikhail Gerba and Timothy Mateski, in 2008.

In other news around Washington County:GENERAL ELECTION: Most Washington County voters will face thin ballots come the Nov. 6 general election, with just four city councils hosting any contested races.Unopposed candidates, many incumbents, made up the bulk of city council hopefuls at Tuesday’s filing deadline.HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Our Spotlight Show returns for its 14th season of bringing you live football coverage from across the state.TRIMET FARES: Changes are coming for TriMet riders this weekend as the state’s largest transit agency drops its fare-zone system, raises most ticket prices and reroutes bus service — all to help make up for budget deficits.PARKING GARAGE: Intel may have gotten the green light to build the largest parking garage in the city of Hillsboro, but a number of conditions have to be met and the county hasn’t yet cleared a related ordinance. The five-story, 1 million-square-foot parking garage was approved with conditions by the city on Tuesday. The site is at the southern end of the Ronler Acres campus, which is north of Northwest Butler Street and near Northeast 65th Avenue.GUILTY PLEA: Paige Danyell Couch started drinking early on Jan. 8., the day she crashed a truck and killed a 10-year-old Beaverton boy. Couch, of Vancouver, Wash., pleaded [...]

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Lukus Glenn wrongful death lawsuit awaits jury’s verdict –

The Oregonian/fileA memorial took shape in front of the Glenn home in Tigard, where Lukus Glenn was shot to death by police.
Jurors in the wrongful death trial of Lukus Glenn, fatally shot by Washington County sheriff’s deputies in 2006, left the courtroom to deliberate after 4 p.m. Wednesday.On the final day of trial, they heard from the deputies who opened fire on the 18-year-old, who was holding a knife outside his Metzger home Sept. 16, 2006. Then, attorneys delivered closing arguments for little more than two hours.In closing arguments, Larry Peterson, representing the Glenn family, stressed to jurors a number of mistakes led to a “false narrative” by police attempting to disguise an unreasonable shooting.Hope Glenn called 9-1-1 just after 3 a.m. that morning for help with her drunk son. He was holding a knife, demanding his car keys and threatening suicide. His friends and family were struggling to talk sense into him.”You ought not be afraid to call and seek assistance,” Peterson said. “If Lukus Glenn was saying anything that night with his knife to his neck, he said one thing loud and clear: ‘Help me.’ That’s what Lukus Glenn was saying as he stood there.”The defense counsel for Washington County and two of its deputies wanted jurors to believe Glenn was in control of his behavior that early morning, Peterson said. But with a blood alcohol content more than twice the legal limit, he was not in control but in danger.
Continuing coverage of the officer-involved shooting of Lukus Glenn in Tigard

“He was the person that ought to have had the protection offered by our police services,” Peterson said. “He didn’t get it.”Deputies Mikhail Gerba and Timothy Mateski, who fired [...]

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