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Family files wrongful death lawsuit against SLCPD – Fox 13 Now – Salt Lake City

Posted on: 12:21 pm, September 6, 2012, by Meredith Forrest Kulwicki, updated on: 01:04pm, September 6, 2012

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against the Salt Lake City Police Department.
The family of Allen Nelson says officers used excessive force during an incident on June 9. Nelson died while in police custody.
Attorney Robert Sykes has filed a federal civil right violation case against the police department and the company that makes the stun guns used by the department.
Details of the incident that have prompted the lawsuit are vague because police have yet to release a police report or an autopsy report, according to Sykes.
Police responded to the area of 717 S. Laconia Court on June 9th. While on the scene, they encountered Nelson and at some point a struggle or altercation took place.
A witness tells the media that she heard police say they used a stun gun on Nelson. However, this has not been confirmed with police.
Sykes says police used excessive force. He said they are also suing the stun gun company used by the Salt Lake City Police Department because the product is considered a dangerous weapon.

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NeJame: Wrongful death lawsuit coming against Lake deputies – Central Florida News 13

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office could soon face a major lawsuit in the death of Andrew Scott.
Mark NeJame, a high-profile attorney, said the family intends to sue for maximum damages for the wrongful shooting and death by deputies.
Scott, 26, was shot after opening the door armed with a gun on July 15. Deputies said he pointed the gun at them and they opened fire.
“They were hiding on the side when they opened fire on him,” NeJame said. “There was no opportunity for him to identify who he was or to ascertain who they were.”
At least five bullet holes were found in the front door.
NeJame said the angle of the bullet holes show that deputies were not standing in a way to properly announce who they are.
He said the Lake County Sheriff’s Office has been going back and forth on their story of what actually happened. Did deputies announce themselves or did they just open fire once Scott came to the door?
“It shows that when they saw the gun, they just immediately started shooting. Remember, he never got a shot off. So, if he was planning on just shooting away, he would have shot first. He would have opened the door and shot,” NeJame said.
Instead, NeJame said up to eight bullets may have been fired altogether at the wrong suspect and in the wrong apartment.
The bullets pierced through the living room and into the bedroom closet, while Scott’s fiancée watched.
“They overreacted all those many times,” NeJame said. “One shot is horrendous, but they overreacted five to eight times.”
NeJame said the deputies clearly broke the law and cited a Supreme Court case that [...]

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