The mom of an Orlando woman who has been missing since 2011 filed a lawsuit against her daughter’s ex-fiance, claiming he’s responsible for her death.

The suit, filed by Michelle Parker’s mother, Yvonne Stewart last week, claims Dale Smith Jr. was “negligent or otherwise committed a wrongful act and caused the death” of his ex-fiance, according to Fox News.

Parker, a 33-year-old mother of three, disappeared on November 17, 2011, the same day an episode of “The People’s Court” aired in which “the couple argued over a lost engagement ring,” according to the Orlando Sentinel. Her family assumes she’s dead, but police consider her a missing person still.

Smith is the only suspect in Parker’s disappearance but he has not been charged with any crime, WESH reports.

Stewart’s lawyer, John Morgan, explained the rationale behind the $ 15,000 suit.

“This is really about accountability and people answering questions that really haven’t been answered yet,” Morgan said. “Yvonne last night was sobbing, and because she feels like nobody ever had to answer for what really happened.”

Last November, police officers with search dogs and more than 100 civilians searched for Parker near Smith’s residence. The area was previously searched when the initial investigation began.

The criminal investigation remains open.

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