by Alexis L. Loinaz Today 5:17 AM PDT
A healthy-looking Paris Jackson spoke out at Michael Jackson’s wrongful-death trial Tuesday in Los Angeles—via a video testimony shot months before the 15-year-old would be hospitalized for an alleged suicide attempt.
In a deposition recorded on March 21, the late King of Pop’s daughter—who is currently recovering at a Los Angeles hospital—testified about former nanny Grace Rwaramba as legal eagles sought to shed light on her relationship with the singer’s children and the circumstances behind her subsequent firing.
Per CNN, the deposition was an attempt by AEG’s lawyers to counter testimony by former Jackson personal chef Kai Chase, who depicted Rwaramba as a nurturing figure to the children and claimed she “was the mother they knew.”
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In her testimony, however, Paris, appeared to have a different take.
“My dad didn’t like her, so he tried to keep her away from us,” recalled a lively and engaged Paris, who wore a blue button-down shirt and occasionally laughed as she spoke. “So he’d send her to run errands a lot.”

According to the teen, although the nanny had initially been let go, she kept coming back because her father “felt bad ’cause she didn’t really have a lot of money.”
“He said she was sneaky,” Paris claims her father once told her. “She wasn’t an honest person, and she lied a lot.”
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Paris also recounted an incident in which Rwaramba supposedly got “really creepy.”
“One time…I think it was when me and my brother were really, really young, before Blanket was born…when [Michael Jackson] would stay [...]