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Man’s family sues former lawyer alleging malpractice, wrongful death – WBAL Baltimore

The family of a man killed after federal prosecutors asked him to cooperate in a criminal case is suing his lawyer, alleging malpractice and wrongful death.

The suit alleges the lawyer breached attorney-client privilege and statements he made to one of his other clients led to murder.
Isiah Cortez Callaway was shot multiple times in April 2011, when he was lured to the 1700 block of Crystal Avenue in east Baltimore. Court records show it was a murder-for-hire scheme and those involved wanted Callaway dead because they worried he might be a witness against them in a federal identity theft and mail fraud case.
Callaway’s family claims the actions of his attorney, Larry Feldman, led to the 19-year-old’s death.
“He was executed because of the misconduct of an attorney,” attorney Steve Silverman said.
The Callaway family’s multimillion-dollar wrongful death and legal malpractice lawsuit, represented by Silverman, claims Feldman committed legal malpractice and engaged in other misconduct by failing to represent the best interests of his client, thereby causing that client, who was a witness against another client of Feldman’s, to be murdered.
“Mr. Callaway came to Mr. Feldman to try to get a lighter sentence in a minor case; what he ended up getting was a death sentence,” Silverman said.
Callaway was a bit player in the scheme in which the homeless drug dealers and others were recruited to open fraudulent bank accounts in which stolen checks and money orders were deposited and the money withdrawn, usually by using ATMs. Federal prosecutors had contacted Feldman to try and get Callaway’s cooperation.
The lawsuit alleges Feldman never mentioned that to Callaway. Instead, Feldman contacted the leader of the mail fraud scheme, Tavon Davis, and talked about [...]

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New Providence Man Sues in Son’s Wrongful Death –

A New Providence man has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Connecticut in connection with the 2012 death of his young son.
Alexander Wu, 8, was playing in the hallway of his grandmother’s apartment building in Stamford, Conn. when the screen on the window where he was playing gave way. The boy fell six stories to his death, according to an article on
Alexander’s father, Zhongzin Jason of New Providence, filed the lawsuit in Stamford in February. His attorneys filed the lawsuit in State Superior Court, the article said.
Rippowam Manor, the senior housing complex where the boy was playing and where his grandmother lived, is owned by the Stamford Housing Authority, said. The lawsuit charges both the housing authority and housing complex with negligence and carelessness. 
The lawsuit seeks more than $ 15,000 in damages, the report said.

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